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Change Your Health-Care Priorities

Our Divine Download for January 13, 2022 is Heath-Care Change from the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes. Healing and health are going to be a big focus for us in 2022. We've already been called out (and then some!) on certain changes we need to make with regards to our health and our need to prioritize our health more than we have in the past. There may be some changes that we need to make with our assembled health-care team too. Perhaps it is as simple as needing to add certain practitioners, or if we have not been working with a health-care team, to actually start and find practitioners with whom we are comfortable and can have a mutual working relationship with. Perhaps the pandemic has caused our previous health-care associates to make changes to their schedules or offices, or even retire and we are now on different pages. It could be that we need to take a more holistic approach and consider some alternative types of therapies for our health-care. Maybe we need to consider actually doing some of the things that we have long been putting off. Maybe it is simply that we need to treat our health as a commodity which needs to be protected and supported and follow any guidance we receive once we commit to doing so. It can also be that we need to stop giving our power away to those outside of ourselves and we need to connect to and recognize our own healing abilities. Whatever changes need to be made, you already know what they are. You already know which direction you need to go in order to make 2022 your healthiest year yet. Honor your own intuition and act on the guidance that you receive. This is the biggest, best, boldest health-care change that you can possibly ever make.

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