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Check Where You're At Before Your Move Forward

Our Divine Download for July 16, 2022 is Moonstone/Cycles from The Crystal Ally Cards. Moonstone connects intimately with the moon and asks you to consider what cycle you are in before you take any action. Just like the moon goes through her cycles each month, and the cycles of the moon control the tides and influence many things on our great planet, there are cycles and stages within our own lives. We can occupy different cycles at the same time based on the progress of our projects, our relationships, and our own personal growth. Are you at the beginning or planting stage and just introducing your seeds to the earth? Have your previously planted seeds grown into young plants which need to be nurtured and helped to grow? Are you at or approaching the harvest, when the fruits of your labors have come and are ready to be gathered? Or, are you perhaps moving into a resting period where you can integrate what you have learned throughout the previous cycles? When we stop to consider which cycle we are in, we can best correlate our actions according to what is necessary and appropriate to that cycle. We have to be realistic about the cycles in our lives. Attempting to reap what has just been sown is not realistic because there needs to be a period of growth before the fruits of our labor are ready for harvest. When you are in a necessary cycle of rest and you need to turn inward, attempting to plant and grow a new aspect in any area of your life is not fruitful. Moonstone asks you to explore which part of the cycle you are currently in and to take action appropriate to that cycle. Moonstone also asks you to honor the current cycle of your life so that you can live more fully through joy. Affirm: I move through the cycles of my life with joy and acceptance.

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