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Choose Temperance

Our Divine Download for January 3, 2022 is Temperance from The Golden Girls Oracle Cards. In other tarot interpretations temperance would be considered the balance card. Temperance is also another major arcana card, so right out of the gate this year we can see that we're in store for some big picture shifts, changes, and lessons, but in the best, most supported, most connected way possible. Where can you incorporate more balance, patience and moderation in your life? Come on, you know that you already know! It's time to stop thinking about building in better balance, patience, and moderation, and time to start actually DOING the things and taking the action which will support these things. It's still so early in 2022 and the temperance card is guiding us to actually seek to promote peace and calm in our lives. These states of being don't just happen. They happen as the result of our choices and where we choose to direct and spend our energy. Are you investing your energy in the people, places, and things which will lead to balance, peace, and calm in your life? If not, why not? What's stopping you? What's blocking you? What are you allowing to distract you from what you deserve to have as your natural state of being? When the temperance card shows up it can also bring with it an awareness and some guidance that we need to seek to have more compromises in our lives. Compromise is one of those words that has a negative connotation when it really shouldn't. The type of compromise suggested by the temperance card is that which yields win-win-win solutions rather than the type of compromise where we associate with someone winning and someone losing, or everyone not getting what they want. The types of compromise that we are seeking with the temperance card are divinely inspired and those in which everyone feels as though they have won. We can ask our Angels and our Guides to help inspire these types of compromises and to help us achieve temperance throughout our lives.

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