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Choose To Just Be...Okay With The Past

Our Divine Download for April 2, 2021 is Past-Life-Healing with the Forget-me-not from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. Usually when this card comes up it is not talking about past life healing in terms of other, separate life times which you lived prior to this current life. Rather, this is an affirmation that the past from your current life is healing, allowing you to integrate more wholeness and better move forward. We've all had past experiences in this lifetime which were painful. Many of those past experiences still carry an emotional charge for us. Emotional charges tied to the past don't serve us, and can be a strong indication that we have not completed, or have not integrated the lesson that we were intended to learn from those challenging past circumstances. In order to be fully present in this life, we must achieve better integration of our past learning which occurs through past-life-healing. Sometimes integration can be as simple as having new awareness and deciding that we're going to look at things from a different perspective. Are you willing to be honest with yourself about situations from your past which still illicit and uncomfortable or disproportionate emotional response? Are you willing to lean in just a little more to those uncomfortable emotions in order to glean what valuable information is available to you when you choose to look at and move through that discomfort? So often, these great a-ha moments of healing stem from the willingness to just sit quietly with our own emotions and our emotional responses and just allow ourselves to be in that space. We rarely allow ourselves to simply be! We're constantly distracting ourselves, whether intentionally or otherwise. We live in a distracted and reactionary culture which allows little space for simply being in the present moment. But the present is in fact a gift and allowing ourselves the time and the space to just be present with our emotions is paramount to identifying those which we're just done with. And it really can be that simple. The most amazing and profound things usually are! So just be. Be present. Be accepting. Be willing to allow those reactions to come up from the past. Be willing to listen to them. Be willing not to judge them. Be willing to bless them and release them once you're ready. Be willing to allow yourself the time and space if you're not yet ready. And most of all, be willing to allow healing, and to experience beautiful healing once you are.

When we've been actively avoiding integrating certain experiences from our past, it creates an energetic friction and blockage within our energetic and sometimes even our physical bodies. We may need additional energetic support in order to clear the block and integrate these experiences in order to properly heal. An energetic cord cutting can help you do just that removing the negative cords of attachments which may have been formed to people or situations, which allows the positive cords of attachment to integrate. Book yours today: Book Your Session!

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