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Choose To Let Magic Into Your Life

Our Divine Download for September 9, 2023 is Let Magic In/Vervain from The Illustrated Herbiary. Vervain reminds us that magic is literally all around us. AAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL around us. All of the time. Sometimes we miss it in the frentetic, busy pace of our lives. Most of the time we dismiss it. We write it off as mere "coincidence." Well, there's just no such thing. But there are synchronicities. And do you know what lies within synchronicities? MAGIC. So why do we not let it in? Why do we choose not to see it? Not to experience it? Not to accept it? Sometimes it comes down to the way in which we define magic. It's not the hocus pocus bs that we see so-called magicians doing. Magic is more about the beautiful and wondrous things that cannot be explained within our lives, our world, and this universe. Anything truly can be magical, if you choose to see it as such. Anything can we amazing when you choose to look through the lens of wonder. When you make the shift to choose to let magic in, your life will be more magical. It truly is as simple as that. When you choose to block magic out, you will stay in that self-created darkness. It is all about free will choice and deciding which way you want to live and what you choose to experience. Choose wisely.

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