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Choose To Perceive Joy

Our Divine Download for November 15, 2022 is Archangel Haniel/Joy, Blessings, Intuition from the Energy & Spirit Oracle. Archangel Haniel comes in to remind us that our choice to be in joy and our choice to label things as blessings, or not, is one that we can make each and every day. This card announces the coming of a wonderfully joyous and intuitive time for you. This may take the form of many everyday blessings that awaken your happiness and appreciation, or it could arrive in a significant experience such as an exciting vacation or a celebration. Archangel Haniel reminds you that you always have a great capacity to perceive joy throughout your daily life. This blissful approach creates an energetic pipeline to Divine Consciousness, which increases the flow of blessings and heightens intuition. Call on Archangel Haniel to help you experience unlimited inner joy. Choose to focus on your happy blessings and you'll experience ever-expanding bliss and intuitive sparks each and every single day. If it feels as though something or someone has been blocking your happiness right now, remember that though it may feel external to you, the source of your peace and happiness always lies in your perception. No matter what is going on, you always have the power to take outer action and shift your inner view of things. Affirm: Thank you, Haniel, for your blessings of happiness and greater intuition. Every day I perceive and appreciate the joys in my life." And so it is.

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