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Just Trust.

Our Divine Download for April 23, 2024 is Trust from The Divine Abundance Oracle Cards with the message "Allow me, Divine, to give you my deepest longings, trusting You to know exactly how to handle them." So that whole surrender to trust thing that we were talking about the other day is back reminding us to trust. It is absolutely easier said than done. But when we can master it, and really learn our role in manifestation and co-creation with the universe, we allow ourselves to experience a deeper peace than we have ever known before because we KNOW that the universe has our back. All we have to do is put out to the universe, to the divine, our deepest longings and greatest desires. We can call them wishes, prayers, desires, longings, at the end of the day it doesn't matter what we call them, it's ultimately a semantics argument. So our job is to put out to the universe what we want. That's it. Then we need to surrender (oh yeah, that part, sigh...) and trust that the universe will bring us what we asked for. If the universe does not bring us what we ask for, we need to trust that it will bring us something even better. When we fail to trust, we inevitably block or delay our manifestations. We cannot receive when we are not in trust. #facts Read that again: We cannot receive when we do not trust. So trust is an essential component of manifestation and co-creation. So how will you learn to trust? How will you practice trust? How will you ensure that trust and faith are central parts of your life? Remember, it is a practice. Progress not perfection. But also, trust over doubt. Faith over worry. For the win. Every time.

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