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Clarity of Focus

Our Divine Download for August 18, 2020 is Vision brought to you by your Guardian Angel from the Angels & Saints Oracle Cards. This card is a call to action to check yourself and really look at exactly how you are seeing things. Usually when messages like this come up, it is because there is something that you are not seeing clearly. Vision can be a reference to the physical act of seeing, so perhaps this is a message to get your eyes checked or to check in and see if any vision correction prescriptions are still accurate and timely. Vision can also be a reference to the filter of perception through which we "see" both through our physical eyes and through our energetic third eye. Perspective is a tricky thing because it isn't hard or fast and there are no absolutes when it comes to the filter and the lens of perspective. The way that you perceive that which you see may feel accurate, it may feel absolute, and it is for YOU. But, it may not be for others. This year has challenged us to expand our perceptions and stretch our vision in many, many ways and we will be called on to continue to do so as kids go back to school, more people return to closer-to-normal work, and we head into election season. Vision of course also refers to how we see through the ethers with our third eye, our intuition, or our "psychic sight." Sometimes we become convinced that we're seeing with our third eye when in reality our ego is just screaming at us and quite convincingly. When our physical vision is bombarded with constantly stimuli through statistics and information and headlines, as it has been for many months now, our ego can sneak in and mimic our intuitive vision quite effectively. Intuition is a quiet surety and inner knowing it isn't loud or constant (though it will absolutely repeat if you choose not to listen), it feels warm and welcoming, expansive rather than restrictive. Your ego, even incognito is still harsh and abrasive and cold and restrictive. Your Guardian Angel can help you SEE the difference, if you will only ask. Try saying "Thank you my trusted Guardian Angel for help clear and center ALL types of vision. Thank you for allowing me to see clearly in all ways and maintain a healthy and positive perspective as the lens through which I see." And so it is!

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