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Clear Focus and Intention

Our Divine Download for March 23, 2021 is Cheetah from the Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards. Cheetah reminds you sometimes you need to take the time to focus in on your intentions and figure out exactly where you're trying to go, and what you're trying to do. Cheetahs, just like most cats, have excellent vision and can really see very far ahead of their current positions. Cheetahs are fast, one of the fastest land animals on Earth, and part of the reason that they are able to move so quickly is because they have long range vision to support them in simply knowing where it is they're going. It's time for us to take a beat before we're able to take off running, or move quickly, to figure out exactly where it is we are going and what it is we're trying to do. Sometimes we lose our focus because we are not clear on our intention. We might know what we want to do, or where we want to go, but we lose focus because we forget or disconnect from our why. Why are we intending what we are intending? Our why is our motivation and the driving force behind our movement. Moving without connection to your why is the equivalent of wondering around aimlessly. When we take the time to lean into honing our focus and getting clear on our intention, we are paving the path for more straightforward and faster forward movement once we are ready to move. If your focus has waxed or waned in the past, that is your signal that it's time to take that time out and connect back to your intention, connect to your why. When you stay centered and focused within your intention you drive your action from the heart of your clear and focused intention. Sometimes we just need to take a minute and connect the dots of where we're wanting to go and why to form a clear focused intention in order to create a map to get us where we want to go. Cheetahs have many spots, but if we do not focus intently on each of those individual spots, we just see those spots as one big blur. The same can be said of our unfocused intentions. Clarity and focus allows us to truly see. Give yourself permission to take the time to clarify and focus your intention and oh, the places you'll go!

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