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Clear Yourself to Free Up Space

Our Divine Download for June 1, 2020 is Clear Yourself from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards. Our energy systems are like sponges. They soak up all of the energy, all of the vibrations, from everything we're exposed to in any and all ways. Think about that for a minute. Think about what you're exposing your energy system to through the foods that you eat, the things that you touch (intentionally and otherwise), the things that you smell, that which you see, and that which you hear. Lordy. That's a lot of energies, good and bad, that we're exposed to on a regular basis. If we aren't mindful about our energetic exposure and we don't have proper energetic hygiene in place (yup, it's a real and very necessary thing), all of that energy we're exposed to (ALL. of. it.) just sort of settles itself right on down into our own energy systems. And that's no good. We don't want the energetic signatures of chemicals and disease and the news media and the weird dude you always see at the grocery store taking up space or rooting into our energy system. Nope. So we need to take cautions and precautions as we go about our busy little lives to protect in order to prevent that, and we also need to clear our energy systems periodically to shake loose any unwanted debris which may be residing there. Making sure that we are mindful to drink enough water is one great action step to take in this process. Epsom salt and sea salt baths are also another great action step. Pulling light down through your chakras is great too (and feels really lovely). We can also always call on our Angels and our guides to help us clear and cleanse our energy system, which they are very much suggesting that we do now in order to get rid of build up and stagnation. It's always helpful to have a professional energy healer balance our chakra system, and though that might not be possible in person right now, there are still ways to work through these problems!

If you feel so drawn, and like you might need a little bit of extra help or support in this area, check out a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading which can be booked either over the phone or in person with me (following appropriate social distancing protocol) here: Book a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading!


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