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Commit To Better Balance

Our Divine Download for January 19, 2022 is Balance Work, Rest, And Play/Yellow Rose with the message "It's important for you to have fun along with fulfilling your responsibilities." from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. Balance has become a buzz word over the course of the past few months. Why? Well because most of us are severely out of balance, or seriously lacking balance within certain areas of our lives. When the pandemic first hit, we were forced into a slower, quieter pace of life where most of us had to prioritize rest and down time, but others of us were forced into impossibly demanding work schedules. There weren't the same opportunities to play as had previously existed, so we were forced to redefine how we played. But, when things started to open up again, despite many of us still being in impossibly demanding work schedules, or feeling additional pressure to "make up for lost time" or to mitigate challenging circumstances, we seemingly surrendered any of the ground that we had gained during those initial locked-down months. It has felt like despite circumstances which seem to defy logic and reason, that we are somehow even busier now for various reasons then we ever were before, despite still being amidst a global pandemic. So yeah, things are pretty severely out of balance for us. Still. We can't change the world. We can't change many of those aforementioned circumstances. But we can change our commitment to promoting balance in our own lives and we can do the best that we can in order to ensure that we are making it a point to allow ourselves to play and rest as best we can around our current work schedules and obligations. It isn't always easy, and it doesn't have to be an all or nothing type of concept. But when we can acknowledge that what we're currently doing isn't working, we can bring an awareness that with the help and support of our guides and our angels can bring about meaningful long term change and promote better overall balance.

When we have been out of balance for a long time, it can feel daunting, or even impossible to get back to a better sense of balance. Our Angels are ready, willing, and able to help us find this balance during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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