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Commit to Self Care

Our Divine Download for April 8, 2021 is Stand By Your Commitment/Pink Lily from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. Pink Lily brings us the message "You're strong enough to keep the promise that you've made. Don't back out now - your angels believe in you!" It used to be that when someone gave you their word, or you gave yours, that it was a promise, equivalent to a done deal. But somewhere along the line, we lost this valuable piece to our moral code and we allowed our word, our unspoken promise (and sometimes even our spoken promises) to become eroded by distractions, excuses, and over commitments. When we over commit and over schedule, not exercising out ability to say "no" when it is necessary and appropriate, instead of fulfilling any of those commitments, we usually end of dropping the ball on most if not all of them. But then we rinse and repeat and do the exact same thing again! Part of our pattern of over commitment stems from there being more choices and more opportunities in general that has increasingly further overwhelmed each subsequent generation. It used to be that work was conducted during business hours, usually from 9-5. There was a time for rest, time with family, time for play. But now, we work from home all hours of the night and day and we live in an age of convenience where we expect the places that we want to go and the things that we want to do to be available to us 24/7 (causing people to have to work 24/7). There is no clearly defined family time. There is no clearly defined play time. And there is definitely never any clearly defined "me" time. The lack of available time to prioritize self-care, and our commitment to ourselves, leads to us breaking our word and our commitments to others. Pink Lily asks us to be willing to commitment to ourselves. To putting ourselves not just on the list, but at the very top of the list. To prioritize caring for ourselves as well and as thoroughly as we care for others. Without allowing excuses and distractions to creep in and cause us to break our commitment to self. When you commit to self care first and foremost, making that promise to yourself, it becomes so much easier to fulfill your commitment to others.

When you have not been in the habit of prioritizing self care for a while (whether that be a little while or a long while), it can feel foreign to jump back into it and leave you feeling unsure where to even start. A Flower Therapy Chakra Reading will give you simple, quick spiritual action steps based on the needs of the energy centers of your body. Book yours today: Book Your Session!


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