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Commit to Yourself

Our Divine Download for December 6, 2021 is Commitment from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. It's time for us to take stock and review the commitments that we have made right now. What are we truly dedicated to? Where are we willing to do the work and make the sacrifices and show up for ourselves, others, goals, or situations? Those areas that we have put our heart and soul into have led to us reaping the rewards and because of this we not only have much to offer, but we also stand to reap additional rewards. Any lack of focus that we have in certain areas of our lives highlights an underlying fear of commitment. Most commitment based fears stem from past issues within our present lifetimes. It can also be that something from our past, either this lifetime or previous, is preventing us from truly making a choice and our free spirit within us dreads that feeling of being trapped or confined. With a little focus and a dedication we can release any self-made restrictions. The Universe is primed, ready, willing, able, and wanting to partner with you on your commitment to yourself, your beautiful dreams, and your relationships. Did you hear what I said?! When you commit to yourself, the entire universe matches your commitment and the whole world literally conspires to help you live your dreams! So face those fears and do it anyway. Focus your dreams. Prioritize your goals. Shed any obligations that no longer serve you. Because you've got things to do. And once you make that commitment to yourself, you're going to do great things!

Committing to ourselves is not something that comes easily or naturally to many of us because in no small part we have been conditioned to put ourselves dead last if we even make the list at all. Sever any negative cords of attachment that you have to any of these patterns of the past which may be ours or have belonged to someone in our acestral line with an Energetic Cord Cutting. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session Today!


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