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Communicate Your True Knowledge

Our Divine Download for May 7, 2021 is Dana, High-Priestess, with the message "You have Divine knowledge that can help others through your spiritual teaching." from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. We often ignore or even deny our own innate divine knowledge and connection to our inner wisdom. We assign others the responsibility of holding authority over us through allegedly knowing more than us. We do it with our doctors, our teaches, our accountants, our attorneys, our friends, and our family members. True, some of the people in our lives prefer to hold authority over others and embrace the illusion of having more knowledge, and in theory more power over us and others in their lives. But, in truth, though we may not have gone to medical school or law school, our doctors and our lawyers aren't us. They do not have the intimate wisdom of us that we have. Our relationships are meant to be exercised in partnership and equality. Holding different knowledge that someone else does not make us somehow less than them in the knowledge department. We do ourselves and others a huge service when we deny our own knowledge, wisdom, and ability. We are not meant to assign the authority of any part of our lives to others. We are meant to be in our truth, and to speak our truth in all ways at all times, especially about the knowledge that we possess. In doing so we help others, and ourselves, learn and grow. You don't have to be any kind of formal spiritual teacher to help others through sharing your knowledge and wisdom. You help others, and inspire others simply be being your true, unique self, and speaking from a place of inner truth. If we all did this, rather than projecting alleged and manufactured facts, imagine the peaceful world that we would have and the layers of ripples this type of authenticity would create. Check in with yourself and honestly assess are your speaking a truth or spewing wisdom manufactured by someone else, or are you truly speaking YOUR truth. Try adding the words "this is true for me right now" to everything that you say, and see how much of a difference in may make in what you then choose to say or share. When you connect with and speak from the inner truth at the core of your very being in this way, you will be surprised at how much more weight your spoken words truly carry.

When we are constantly being bombarded by the opinions of others, it can be difficult to recognize and connect with our own inner knowledge and truth. Sometimes when he are constantly defending and deflecting the opinions of others, those energies can form blocks in our bodies that make it that much more difficult to connect with ourselves in a meaningful way. An Integrative Reiki Session can help remove those blocks and restore the communication pathways within our physical bodies. Book Yours Today: Book Your Session Here!

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