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Communicate Your Truth Confidently

Our Divine Download for January 24, 2021 is Communicate Clearly and Be Assertive! from the Angel Answers Oracle Cards. Communication has already been a big theme for many of my readings this year. We need to say the things. All of the things. Not just some of the things. Not just some of the time. Not just those things that are easy and fun and light and breezy to say. We need to say the hard things. We need to say the uncomfortable things. We need to say the things that feel challenging to us and may feel challenging to others. We need to be mindful that we are communicating fully and clearly, all of the time. We are being guided to put our best and most effective communicative forward right now in a way that feels balanced and empowering to us. Assertiveness and aggressiveness are often intermingled and confused. Assertiveness is about putting yourself out there, it's about exuding our inner confidence and connectivity. It is communicating clearly, and not passive aggressively. It is about communicating honestly and with positive expectations. It's about allowing ourselves to speak with our authentic voice from a place of inner wisdom. When we hold back and when we play small, it's neither clear or assertive communication. When we do not assert our own needs, desires, and opinions it is also not clear or assertive communication. Clear communication is authentic communication. Assertive communication is also authentic communication. Assertive communication is about us communicating from a place of truth whereas aggressive communication is usually reactive in nature and more about the other person or the situation than it is about us. Look at how you've been communicating and take an honest inventory of what tweaks or changes you may need to make to level up your communication into the clear and assertive categories. Partner with your Angles and ask for their help if this feels challenging for you. Communicate from the heart, both when putting communication out there and receiving communication from others. Communicate your truth. It really can't get much simpler than that.

The Throat Chakra, our energetic center of giving and receiving communication is one of the most often blocked chakras that I see. Communication can feel challenging, and even scary when we are not connected to ourselves or our guidance. A Hello/Good-bye Package will give you specific guidance to help you connect to and express your truth this year. Grab yours Today!


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