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Compassionate Protection

Our Divine Download for November 3, 2020 is Green Tara/Supreme Protection with the message "Your are protected. Cords are being cut. Move beyond limitation. Trust." from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards. The Green Tara is a goddess of healing and compassion who oversees our transformation and helps us move into a new state of being and doing. This new state of being and doing is one rooted in compassion and love and is an elevated and healed state from where we have come. She assures us that the worst is behind us and that we are protected, protection surrounds and enfolds us. We are finally ready in our newfound compassionate state to cut the cords and the ties that bind us to our past and to move forward in a new and different, and much healthier way. We were not ready before. But we surely are now. As you look to your past, do not be afraid that you will bring new life to negative or fearful experiences as you recall them to severe the cords of connection with them. With your newly compassionate state of being and the divine protection that you are currently experiencing, you cannot go back there. You can merely review and release. This allows us the gift of grace to step into a space of spiritual and personal freedom. Green Tara brings us her protection in part to reassure us that our newfound powerful connection with heaven, and with our soulful intuitive selves is safe and we can trust what we feel and who and what we allow to participate in our new freedom founded lives. Trust is essential and is so much more comfortable in the healed space of guaranteed protection. Look at your connectedness as a spiritual force field that is designed to protect you from anything that is negative or harsh in the outer world, or which does not currently serve or enhance our current spiritual mission. Trust is the key that opens the door for us to move beyond any of our previous limitations. It is safe for you to trust. You are assured protection in doing so.

Cutting cords to the past is one of the most liberating things that we can do, but sometimes it is easier said than done. Energetic cord cuttings are designed to help us with this process in a gentle and thorough way which removes our negative connections to past people and events. Book A Session!


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