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Our Divine Download for March 15, 2022 is Wolf/Connection from the Animal Kin Oracle Cards. The wolf reminds us of the importance of connection with family and friends. The wolf also reminds us of our connection to the moon, and to the whole of the universe. Wolf asks us to consider also what connects us with our own power. Wolf will teach us how to channel loyalty, dedication, protectiveness, and selflessness in our conduct with others, if we are willing to learn. Wolves are often depicted as solitary animals, but, in reality, they simply know their own power and have a strong sense of who they are as individuals as well as the role they play within their community. Do you? Recognizing your own power and your perfect place in your community allows you to capitalize on that strength and lean into your own truly powerful nature. Wolves are also exceptionally adaptable to changes in the environment and climate and are able to withstand temperatures up to forty degrees below zero because of their fluffy coats. This shows that when you are connected to your own source energy, you too are protected from extreme circumstances. The image of our wolf on this card shows him howling at the moon, both connecting to the moon and the natural rhythm of the lunar cycle, but also exercising his throat chakra by doing so. When was the last time you exercised your throat chakra? Do you need to howl or scream, or perhaps just simply say something that has needed said for far too long? Know that you are supported by all of the cosmos in doing so. Lean into the connections that you have. Seek out the connections which will allow you to better or even best connect to your own power. Focus on connection within and without.

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