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Connect To And Through Your Deep Breathing

Our Divine Download for March 7, 2024 is Deep Breathing from The Sacred Self-Care Oracle. Our breath is the greatest tool that we have and it is always with us. Unfortunately, for most of us it is also the most under utilized tool that we have. When we become anxious or feel stress, one of the very first physiological responses that we have is to tense up and hold our breath when we should actually be taking deeper, fuller breaths in those moments. We also have the ability to use our breath to clear things, especially stuck or unpleasant emotions from our physical bodies simply by using that breath to move those things and forcefully blowing them away. It all begins by being mindful of our breath and our tendencies with our breathing. I'd be willing to bet that more than one of you took a nice, big, deep, cleansing breath while reading this! Do that more often! Challenge yourself to see how connected you can stay to your breath. Challenge yourself to see how many big, full, deep, cleansing breaths you can take in a day. Challenge yourself to simply stay aware and mindful of your breathing. It can be helpful for some people, especially those who are chronic breath holders to set a timer or a reminder on their phone to make sure that they are taking fuller, deeper breaths throughout the day and blowing away anything that doesn't serve them. Be mindful of how and where you can partner with your breath to support you through your days and your life. How will you incorporate more deep breathing into each and every single day?

Meditation can be a wonderful way and a great space to focus on your deep breathing. If meditation is something that you have struggled with or need support with, Schedule Your Meditation & Me Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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