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Connect To Fun

Our Divine Download for October 20, 2022 is Stay Connected and Have Fun from The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Cards. We all have a tendency to take life just too darn seriously and we are certainly a culture that almost ensures that this happens. We are here right now as spiritual beings having a human experience to learn and to be in joy. Joy is our birth rite. We are meant to enjoy our lives. If we are not in joy, if we are not enjoying our lives, our connection to the divine and to spirit tends to dwindle. The more that we are in the flow and enjoying our lives, the more that we are experiencing and living in joy, the stronger and better connection we have to spirit. So our guidance today is pretty simple: in order to stay connected to spirit, we need to lighten up a little and have more fun. What can you let go of, what can you set down literally or energetically that is causing you to be heavier than you need to be? What is getting in the way of you having fun in your life? Where and how can you add more fun and more enJOYment into your life? Don't put this off, don't make excuses or invent time lines (I'll have more fun when...NOPE!) Your lack of fun, levity, and joy in your life is causing a disconnect from spirit right here and right now. It's pretty easy to see how this creates a pretty big, vicious cycle. Connection to spirit, to the divine, to the universe is how we stay in the flow and one of the ways that we are inspired as to the best possible ways for us to have fun and be in the flow. If you're not sure what it means to you to have fun at this stage in your life, that's okay. Because that means you get to figure it out by trying different potentially fun things on for size! Ask your Angels and your guides to direct and inspire you on your rediscovery of fun and see just how connected you feel as you partner with them in this process.

Our Angels know *exactly* what we need to do in order to lighten up and have some fun and will gladly share this with us during a 60 Minute Angel Card Session. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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