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Connect To The Beauty of Nature

Our Divine Download for March 29, 2023 is Surrender to the Beauty of the Natural World from the Power of Surrender Cards. This is a sign to stop, and get your butt out in nature stat! It doesn't matter if it's just looking up at the sky from the parking lot at your office, or if it's appreciating the grass, trees, plants, and flowers that you may see as you approach your home. Getting out in nature, and connecting with and appreciating nature does not mean that you have to hike Machu Picchu or plan some other similarly over the top nature excursion. It simply means to encourage what is naturally all around us at any given time. It means to stay in the present moment and connect with the seasons and the cycles of nature. It means to get outside more and stay inside less. It means to protect nature as it still exists while we connect with it. It means to bring outside elements in as we focus on and design our work and living spaces. Sometimes we need those natural elements as reminders in our indoor environments that we are all connected, and we really should, really need to get outside more and connect with Mother Nature herself. We can literally experience grounding by connecting our feet with the physical ground outside, in nature. So don't just surrender to the beauty of nature, connect to it. Live it. Breathe it. Experience it in the present moment in greater technicolor detail than you ever have before.

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