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Connect To Your Wisdom Through Art & Joy

Our Divine Download for February 24, 2022 is Wisdom/Learning, Joy, Art, Music from The Priestess of Light Oracle Cards. The Goddess Sarasvati holds her musical instrument with two of her hands while she is reaching her other arms out towards joy. This card puts you on alerts that you are entering a time of deepening wisdom and learning. Your newfound or deepening wisdom may be found through traditional learning, or you may find that there are things that you just KNOW now. Don't dismiss or minimize your potential for learning or your connection to the unlimited wisdom of the universe. This particular time period of wisdom and learning will also bring you profound gratification. Music and art will also feature prominently in your life now. All of the arts, but especially music lift your vibration making it easier to tune into those universal downloads that are more available to you right now. How can you prioritize interacting with the arts right now? How will you experience music in your life on a more personal and profound basis? Will you increase the frequency with which you listen to, perform, or enjoy music? This is an important time to surround yourself with any of the arts (or all of the arts!) which will bring you joy! The swans on the card represent the connection between the mind and the heart because as you open your mind to greater understanding and to new joyous experiences, your heart will glow with inner satisfaction. Your life force will sing with the beauty and grace of the art with which you surround yourself, creating an irresistible attraction, which will of course serve to attract even more beauty, grace, and joy! Affirm: "I always choose to learn and grow. The music and art of life inspire me."

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