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Courage, Dear One

Our Divine Download for June 3, 2022 is Borage from the Druid Plant Oracle. Borage resonates with the energies of courage, forgetfulness, gladness, caution, inner courage, and coming to terms with suffering. Borage has been associate with courage since ancient days and this card coming up for us suggests that this is a quality that we need to draw on at this time. True courage requires a strong and generous heart and involves looking beyond your own needs to perceive the greater good for those around you, as well as to consider the needs of those you care for and carry within your heart. This can manifest in standing up for someone who is weaker than you or who needs your protection, or it may mean sticking your neck out so to speak to stand up for what you believe is right. In order to be truly courageous, you must also be able to disconnect from every potentiality that runs through your mind or you may never act. Courage also requires you to look beyond, or even ignore personal slights or errors of judgement, be they yours or those of others. There is of course a certain courage that lies in action and fighting for what you believe is right, but there is another kind of courage too that is less outward focused and flamboyant. Sometimes it take s more courage to be still and not to act than to take a stand and react within a situation. Challenge yourself to differentiate between caution connected to fear or cowardice, and caution which is necessary to avoiding impulsive decisions or bravado disguised as courage. True courage is a brave open-heartedness that restores our confidence in human nature through balanced actions, bringing with it joy and happiness. Be courageous enough to claim your joy and own your happiness.

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