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Court Your Creativity

Our Divine Download for August 15, 2022 is Courtship & Mating/New relationship developing from the Feathered Omens Messenger Birds from the Spirit World. All animals first needs are for food and their second need within their own hierarchy is to mate as this is what ensures the survival of their species. All animals, including humans, have times when they are more procreative, and these times often reflect a rhythm when your own creative energies are higher. This card is a signal that your own creative rhythms are growing and will continue through the next few months. Your relationships will take priority now so do not ignore them, rather give them great attention and extra nurturance. This includes both business and romantic relationships. People will be more drawn to you now and are more likely to listen to you and attend to you. This is a very fertile time for you both physically and creatively and you will want to dress for success and to show your best side in all endeavors. Your enthusiasm and joie de vie is contagious right now and you are being told not to hold back your enthusiasm - celebrate yourself and dance for who you are and what you have accomplished. Embrace new people and new relationships in your life right now. No matter how temporary they are, they will make you even more fertile and creative in the very near future. It is time to open your life to allow others into it as you are not meant to be a solitary animal. Step outside yourself and into a dynamic of sharing with others. It is necessary for your creative flow for you to change some of your patterns so that fresh energy and movement can flow into your life.

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