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Create The Space to Feel Your Feelings

Our Divine Download for December 31, 2022 is Sentimental Feelings from the Butterfly Oracle for Life Changes Cards. This year has had us ALL up in our feels, pretty much all year, and we're ending on a similar note. Allow yourself to feel those feelings. Allow yourself to process through any feelings that you may have been avoiding. But also allow yourself to celebrate, and get sentimental about those positive feelings that you have about your victories and moments of success and triumph this year (and YES, you absolutely had some!). Also allow yourself to look forward to 2023 being different in many ways, in better ways that 2022 has been. It's a new year, different numerology, completely different energy. Also be mindful of what you do and do not want to bring into 2023 with you and what you want and need to leave behind in 2022. The flowers on this card are telling you that change and transformation will come to you in part through simplifying your life. It's time to de-clutter your life in terms of physical clutter, energetic clutter, emotional clutter. Make sure that whatever is taking up space in your life right now, whatever you bring into the new year, is exactly what you want. There is a finite amount of space available to you in every area of your life and you don't want that space to be taken up by anything less than those things which you absolutely love. And that is something worth experiencing some sentimental feelings about.

Our feelings will take up space within our physical bodies, especially when they are unprocessed or have been shoved down. An Integrative Reiki Session will help release those feelings and bring balance to our physical and emotional bodies. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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