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Crown Chakra Connection

Our Divine Download for June 2, 2020 is Crown Chakra from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards. Our Crown Chakra, located at the very top of our heads, is our most direct connection with the Divine. It's where all of our Divine Downloads come in - and make no mistake about it, our Angels are reminding us that those "out of the blue, crazy ideas" are in fact divinely inspired (all of the best ones are!) Our Crown Chakra might be a bit clogged, unbalanced, just not spinning and functioning at it's optimal level right now, causing us to not experience the full glory or the full potential of our divine connection. It's been a rough couple of months (<--understatement of the decade!) and when times get tough, it's natural to feel unsupported and even abandoned by the Divine and cosmic forces. I mean why (WHY?!) would they let this happen?! WHY would they allow so many to suffer? WHY would they have us go through all of these things, all of these hardships?! It's exceedingly difficult to stay connected to something that we cannot tangibly see or touch when we live in a world that seems to rotate around elemental proof. It's a huge understatement to say that our faith has been tested. For some it may feel lost. And that's okay. The truth is that our connection to the Divine is never truly lost or severed, not matter how hard we might try to prove it so. Just like gravity, it always exists, is always there for us, and is always open to us. Our card today suggests that it's time to clear out the cobwebs of that energetic connection and whatever blocking energies may be lingering there in order to unblock our full downloadable potential. It could very well be that there is a divinely inspired idea just waited for us to tap into it, to download it, in order to move us through and past our current circumstances. You've got nothing to lose by trying. Worst case scenario, your prove yourself and your doubts correct. Best case scenarios include miracles and renewed faith. Not a bad gamble for a little cobweb clearing. Ask your Angels to assist you in this process. Call on them and ask them for divine inspiration. Ask them to remove the blocks and the stagnant energy. Ask them for signs that they're working with you and they're working for you. With your crown chakra unblocked, it will be *much* easier to notice and receive their signs.

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