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Cycle Through The Seasons of Your Life

Our Divine Download for March 14, 2022 is Cicada/Cycles from the Animal Kin Oracle Cards. The cicada is the ultimate representation of the cycles of life, teaching us the importance of each stage of life that we are gifted to experience. Cicada reminds us that all stages of our lives hold a significant place in determining the life we are meant to lead, and that everything we go through is just a phase or a stage. Lessons are contained within each stage, both inner and outer lessons, about ourselves, our environment, and the people in our lives, all of which shape us to become who we are and who we are meant to be as individuals. These stages remind us that we are all choosing to live out our cycles in our own ways. The bigger picture for us is that our life mission is to continue moving through each cycle, taking with us as much learning and growth as possible to support our evolution into the highest and best version of ourselves. It is also important to remember that every cycle, every phase, is ultimately just a season within our life time. True, some seasons will last longer than others, and some will feel like they will last longer than they should, just as the cicada experiences up to a 17 year incubation period. So even when things feel as though they have been stuck in a certain kind of way of being for a long, long time, this is our reminder that all seasons, all phases, all cycles, eventually come to an end and that we are fortunate as sentient beings with manifestation ability and unlimited potential that we get to decide what our next cycle will look like. So hang in there! And know that everything is exactly as it should be and that everything that is is and will prepare us for exactly what should be. And so it is.

Self-care is an imperative for us regardless of what cycle we are in or where we are at within the cycles of our life time. Reiki is a wonderfully relaxing and balancing form of self-care. Book Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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