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Define Your Personal Pinnacle Of Success

Our Divine Download for March 16, 2024 is Midheaven/Pinnacle from The Starcodes Astro Oracle. Underneath all worldly sense of ambition is a soul's longing to live out its potential. It is time to listen to the call. Tradition, other people's expectations, or your family history may be complimentary of your idea of your own potential, or they may be hurdles to overcome as you find your true path. Inventory your professional reputation and ask what you can do to strengthen it. Look at your definition of success and make sure it is your own, actually makes YOU happy, and is not one you have inherited from your family or mentors. Think about the training you've received from these authorities and notice where it still serves you and where you need to release their preconceptions and step into something bigger. We don't talk much about what happens in our society when we outgrow our teachers and our mentors, yet still always have more to learn. Sometimes we are in a time of active learning and sometimes we are in a time of practice. Neither is more or less valuable than the other. You may need to go back to hidden dreams or reawaken an ambition that may not make sense to anyone else. If you choose not to seek your sense of accomplishment as reflected in the outside world, your Midheaven can speak of a quieter sense of personal authority. This is your life - define the mountaintop for yourself. Take a step in that direction. The Midheaven is the highest point of the chart, where the sun would be at midday. This is the most public, visible point of the chart and it acts like the flagpole on top of your personal castle. You get to choose which flag you fly. You get to choose the position and prevelance of your personal flagpole. What does your pinnacle look like for you?

If you have no idea where your midheaven is or aren't sure about your natal chart, it may be time to harness the full potential of your birth chart with an Astrological Chart Reading With Interpretation. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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