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Demons Out!

Our Divine Download for October 3o, 2023 is The Queen of Bats from The Halloween Tarot. In other tarot interpretations, this would be considered the queen of air, queen of swords, queen of spring, and the queen of Archangel Michael. The Queen of Bats gets a very bad reputation because she is similar to the queen in Alice in Wonderland. You know, the one who runs around screaming "off with their heads!" It isn't that the Queen of Bats particularly wants to behead people, but she does want us to be precisely and exactly that decisive when it comes to deciding and executing (pun completely intended) those things that no longer work in our lives. It is very simple for the Queen of Bats: if it doesn't work for us, if we don't love it, if it doesn't serve a purpose in our life, then it absolutely has to go. Period. No ifs, ands, or butts about it. The Queen of Bats is also known as the Feng Shui Queen or the Garage Sale Queen, for those same reasons: she is insistent that we get rid of anything and everything that may be cluttering up our lives. The reason that she is so insistent on this is because she knows that there is a finite amount of space in our lives and that anything that we do not love, that no longer serves us, is taking up space that can be better filled by something that we DO love and something that DOES serve us. The Queen of Bats does not want us to allow things in our lives, or want us to hold on to things that are taking up space and blocking our other incoming blessings from landing. It doesn't matter if those things are physical in the form of physical clutter and objects for which we have no use, mental clutter in terms of thoughts and beliefs that are outdated or that we need to allow ourselves to grow out of, or emotional clutter that we have shoved down inside our bodies or held on to long past the expiration date of particular hurts ad slights. The Queen of Bats asks us to honestly look at all areas of our life and examine what needs to go, and to be committed to getting it gone. Buh-bye.

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