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Detoxify Your Life A Lil

Our Divine Download for February 25, 2021 is Detoxification from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. Ah, yes. Everyone's favorite type of cards (I can literally hear the eye rolls and groans from here!) But, here's the thing: we live in a very toxic world. No matter how you slice it, we are combating toxins left and right each and every day of our lives. Some of those toxins come in through the foods we eat when we eat processed foods, or just things that tend to be more inflammatory in nature (hello sugar!) Some of those toxins come in through the chemicals we clean with, or in the places that we visit that have been cleaned with chemicals, and certainly this is even more true during the pandemic. Some of those toxins exist naturally in our environment either as the result of our manufacturing practices, the cars we drive, or the current state of the planet. We know these things. And many, if not most of them are not particularly avoidable. But we also face the toxins which can behave even more insidiously that come at us through the media and through our emotional filters because of all of the toxic emotions that exist in the macrocosm right now. It's rough out there! And it's not particularly possible to simply not interact with any of these toxins. But, we can certainly work on and towards detoxifying ourselves on a regular basis! That might mean that we take a small break from something that we eat, i.e. meatless Monday or extra water Wednesday. That might mean that we do a more thorough dietary cleanse. That might be that we make choices to actively keep the toxic load down in our diets or within our homes and cars. That might mean that we use herbs or essential oils to support our immune systems to allow them to better process and filter the toxins we are exposed to. That might mean that we take a break from social media or from the media in general for a while. That might mean that we turn our damn phones off every once in a blue moon. This can also mean that we take regular salt baths or use herbal wraps to help our bodies filter and eliminate toxins, or that we up our exercise game to encourage our bodies to sweat them out. There are so many ways to help your physical and energetic body detoxify. There is no right or wrong here. There is only what you are drawn to and what feels more and less effective to you. So pick something, anything, one little thing today, and go get your detoxification on!

Essential Oils and Energy work are both effective ways to help your body detoxify. The AromaTouch Technique is a wonderfully balancing, relaxing way to support your body and your immune system.

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Yes, Yes and Yes!!!! I love this card 💚

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