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Diligent Protection

Our Divine Download for July 12, 2021 is Protection and Diligence from Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards. Your protection right now is tied into your diligence, into the consistent efforts that you are making in a meticulous, organized manner. The Universe is calling on you to step up your diligence game right now, because the efforts that you make towards your goals, and the time that you spend being consistent will root you into future success, just as surely and securely as the great oak is rooted into the Earth. This is a time to be patient and move forward slowly, and carefully, knowing that the benefits that you gain in the future will be worth the time and efforts made now. Diligence is also asking you to be organized, methodical, even meticulous in your approach to life at the moment. Clear out the clutter to make room for the harvest that will come through your consistent and persistent actions. Be discerning about your time and with whom and on what you choose to spend it. Diligence is what will allow us to soar above any and all earthly troubles. In this way, your investment in your future will be protected. The Protection card reminds you that you ARE protected and you will continue to be protected into the future that you are building. You are being asked to be brave enough to believe that this protection is here for you, and to know that you have weathered everything that you have been through in the past. You will continue to stand strong in the steadfast protection of the universe. You have the energy of a leader and you have great authority in your life - wear that authority as an additional layer of natural protection. Great wisdom is growing and expanding in you as you embrace your natural authority in your life and this gives you potent leadership energy. Protect yourself, your family, your assets simply by being diligent and continuing to do that which you have always done, and by continuing to grow and embrace the true you and the full scope of your innate power and wisdom.

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