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Divorce The Illusion Of Time

Our Divine Download for July 12, 2022 is Let Go of Time from the Healing Cards. "How much do you need to do today? Must you fill every moment to feel useful or productive? And how much of your life is directed by time? Answer these questions honestly." Time is an illusion. Seriously. It is an artificial construct that we have created to try to make sense out of the magical world that we live in. We know this to be true just by looking at Daylight Savings Time. There are those places which refuse to participate and life goes on just the same in those locations as it does everywhere else. But we have bought into the artificial construct of time hook, line, and sinker and we allow ourselves to be completely governed by something that truly does not exist (at least not in the way that we think that it does). Why is this? Why are we willing to give a construct so much control (arguably ALL of the control) over our lives? We are human BEINGS not human doings (because we are actually spiritual beings have a human experience) so why will we not give ourselves permission to simply BE? Why must we always be doing? Why do we allow productivity to be the measure of our worth? Why do we choose to work to live rather than living to work (at a job that is energetically aligned with our divine right purpose?) What can you let go of today and simply choose to not do because it really, truly isn't that important? How will you prioritize time to simply BE today (and every day?) Where can you let go of the artificial time constraints that you have created in your own life?

So often our relationship with time and needing to be productive traces back to our family of origin through our ancestral DNA and cellular memory. When you have been working on divorcing yourself of these concepts and still feel stuck, it may be time to consider an Energetic Cord Cutting. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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