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Don't Doubt The Dark of Dawn

Our Divine Download for April 3, 2022 is Dawn/New Beginnings from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. Dawn reminds us of the certainty of the daily cycles and the rhythms of our planet. It brings in the start of the new day and the guarantee that the dark of night has passed and light is upon us regardless of what may have come before. In a time of new beginnings, we can create whatever kind of fresh experiences we desire. Each new beginning offers renewal. The tricky thing about dawn is that when you watch the dawn, when you experience it without any reference to or benefit of a clock, there is a period of time where it is difficult to discern if the sky is actually lightening. In fact, the stars are still visible and all of the shadows of night still soften and hide parts of the landscape. It is that way with ALL new beginnings! It is difficult to tell where the old ends and the new begins. Sometimes it is difficult to tell that the new has arrived at all until we watch the light of our new dawn cause the old of our past circumstances to fade away into the metaphorical night, never to be seen or experienced again. Gradually, however, it begins to become clear to your senses that the light is definitely increasing, and soon the first glimmer of the sun shows, even on the cloudiest of mornings, signalling that a new day has indeed begun. This is your call to say farewell to the old and honor the new by releasing any self-imposed constraints or resistance to the truth that you know. This is your chance to take your leap of faith and to follow what your heart and your intuitive self has been telling you that you should do regarding a project or adventure. As this prospect becomes increasingly visible and real, doubts and uncertainties may arise, but rest assured that just as dawn always turns into day, by heeding your inner guidance you absolutely will succeed. And so it is.

When we are in the very beginning stages of dawn, before the dark of night has been illuminated, it can feel hopeless and overwhelming. Our Angels will show us exactly how close we are to our proverbial dawn during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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