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Embody The Stag for Greater Integrity

Our Divine Download for June 24, 2022 is Stag/Damh with the keywords Pride, Independence, and Purification from The Druid Animal Oracle. The Stag brings us the qualities of grace, majesty, and integrity and when you contemplate the stage it can help you achieve a greater sense of poise and dignity. When you are confronted with a situation in which you feel vulnerable or under scrutiny, attuning to the stag and asking for the protection of his spirit will allow you to feel calmer, stronger, and more dignified. This card also asks you to reflect on and examine the degree to which your pride is helping or hindering you. Pride can be a valuable feeling when it helps you to give only your best, but it will also block your development and enjoyment of life if it exists only to protect your feelings of vulnerability and inadequacy. Ask yourself if your pride is serving you, and if it is not, consider whether the qualities of the stage can help you find integrity and dignity without the need for inappropriate or hindering pride. Drawing the stage card can also signify the need for purification in some area of your life, perhaps through letting go of unnecessary possessions or emotional attachments, thereby helping to bolster your integrity.

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