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Embrace Abundance

Our Divine Download for December 3, 2020 is Ace of Earth from the Angel Wisdom Tarot Cards. This is also the second ace we've seen this week - hooray for serendiptious new beginnings! This is a sure sign that it's a great time for you to make long term plans and to invest in the future of your dreams. Abundance is absolutely coming into you right now - whoo-hoo! BUT, we don't get to decide which form that abundance takes. Abundance can obviously mean money, and maybe it will even be raining pennies from heaven for you right now. But abundance can also take on the energy saving money rather than new money coming in. Abundance can be a new job. Or a raise. Or an inheritance that you didn't know about or were not expecting. Abundance can be about assistance from others or even contracts securing future wealth Abundance can also be about time and resources, about meeting all of the right people and being in all of the right places at the right time. Abundance can also mean extreme good luck. Perhaps this card is a sign for you that you will have a new and more meaningful relationship with abundance as you redefine your previous narrow perception of what it means to be abundant. Abundance literally comes in and can take on infinite forms! Are you ready to be infinitely abundance in all ways? Are you willing to be infinitely abundant? The Ace of Earth is a card of success both now and in the future and tells you that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind too because whatever assistance, whatever abundance you may need is surely here for you now. Embrace your new abundant nature. It's a good way to be!

Abundance blocks can often linger in our energy fields and be passed down to us from our family of origin. A Flower Therapy Chakra Reading takes a quick peak into your Chakras and will provide simple, easy to incorporate action steps for any abundance blocks that you do have. Book your session Here!


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