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Embrace Change

Our Divine Download for March 24, 2024 is Don't Fear Change, Embrace It And Grow from The Healing Spirits Oracle. Ah, change. Not exactly humans' favorite thing, experience, or concept, but it is necessary nonetheless. And change is clearly upon us (just in case you didn't pick that up from yesterday's message). We fear the unknown, so of course we fear change because it is new and it is different. But new and different don't have to be bad. As a matter of fact, new and different can be absolutely wonderful, magical, and simply marvelous, if we give them the chance to be so. Fear is usually the product of our ego and it's primitive and patterned drive to keep us safe. Fear is a liar. Fear stands for "false evidence against reality" or "false evidence appearing real." So why do we give a fallacy such power over us? Why do we allow fear to keep us stuck? Why do we allow fear to control us? Why do we allow fear to block our blessings. The message of this card is very clearly that we need to face the fear and do it anyway. (Here's a hint: you're probably going to have to do whatever "it" is regardless, so you might as well choose acceptance and curiosity over fear!) The changes that are upon us are changes that we will grow from. They are changes that will bring in bigger, better things for us. Why wouldn't we embrace these types of changes?! We are here to learn and grow and change is our current vehicle for us to do so. It's grow time folks! What could possibly be better or more exciting than that?!

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