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Embrace The Flow, Release Control

Our Divine Download for October 10, 2022 is Full Moon in Gemini/Embrace The Flow of Life from the Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards. Again with the Gemini and all of the Mercury energy! This card is reminding us to go with the flow despite all of the chaos that is going on around us. The Full Moon tells us to release anything and everything that is causing us to have any extra challenges going with the flow, causing us to second guess ourselves, or keeping us from taking action. Full Moons are a time of release, and we're being reminded to release the tight grip of "control" we think we have on so many things. Yeah, it's in quotes, because control is almost always an illusion. Gemini is a dual sign and a mutable sign which means there is a lot of ebb and flow a lot of give within it's very nature, so in a way, it is the antithesis of control. We're being asked to embrace the flow of life. We can't do that if we're holding so tightly to the illusion of control. What do you need to let go of in order to embrace the flow of life? Are you able to go with the flow? To be in the flow? To embrace the flow? Just like we were reminded yesterday, it is time to clear our the clutter of our thoughts that are blocking us from embracing the flow of life. It's time to work with the Mercury energy that has been abundant of late instead of railing against it. You can begin to do this simply by affirming "I embrace the flow of life!" or "I am willing to release whatever I need to in order to fully embrace the flow of life." And so it is!

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