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Embrace The Magic Of Singing & Dancing

Our Divine Download for April 15, 2024 is Singing and Dancing from The Angel Therapy Oracle Cards with the message "Express yourself and awaken your psychic senses through the magical power of music and movement." So first thing is first: we are being reminded that there is magical power in music and movement. MAGIC. Magical POWER. SO why do we choose not to be mindful of this and consciously take advantage of it on a regular basis?! Music has vibrational sound healing within it and we can change the rhythm of our bodies and the trajectory of our days by simply interacting with certain music. So let's put that on our "must do" list! Movement is necessary for SO many reasons. We need to move our physical bodies in order to allow the energy to move through and around us. We need to move our bodies for health. We need to move our bodies for balance. We need to move our bodies in order to release and balance our emotions. There are endless reasons that we truly need to move our bodies each and every day. But we tend to lead relatively sedentary life styles, especially when our work may demand that we be stuck at a desk or only moving in certain routine types of ways each and every day. We fall into patterns and ruts where we take movement for granted and take the joy out of movement. What movement does your body crave right now? What movement would feel good to you? What movement would feel fun to you? What movement would feel joyous to you? What is the soundtrack to that movement? We're all on an accelerated spiritual development path this year and singing and dancing will help get us there in a smoother, better, even faster way. So exercise your throat chakra by singing, and exercise your body by finding the movement that best moves you forward and supports you right now.

Karuna Reiki uses chanting with traditional Reiki to provide that vibrational sound therapy aspect which kicks the healing energies up a notch. Schedule Your Karuna Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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