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Embrace Your Change

Our Divine Download for December 18, 2022 is Change is Coming from the Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle Cards. Change is not always our favorite word or concept because humans tend not to be big fans of change and we have therefore given that words a negative connotation. But, as we can clearly see from the beautiful images on this card, the change that is coming in for us is beautiful, magical, and transformative in the BEST possible way. Things have not been easy recently, or even for the past couple of years in many ways. This has caused many of us to have expectations that any changes that occur are going to lead to further hardship or being negative in some, if not many ways. This is our guarantee that things are going to get better - lighter, brighter, easier. The change that comes in now, the change that you create, the change that you connect to, the change that you embrace, the change that you accept, is going to be wonderful, beautiful, serendipitous changes. You are meant to be in joy. You are on this planet at this time to be in joy. It is your birth right. What changes do you need and want to experience in your life to usher you into a more joy-filled existence? They are here for you now! Open up your arms and accept them. Believe that it is all happening in the BEST possible way. And so it is!

Changes, even wonderful positive changes, can be taxing to our physical bodies as well. Support your physical vessel with a relaxing and balancing Integrative Reiki Session. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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