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Embrace Your New Beginning

Our Divine Download for September 21, 2023 is Ace of Earth from The Mystical Cat Tarot. In other tarot interpretations this would be the ace of coins, ace of pentacles, ace of autumn, and ace of Archangel Ariel. Aces in tarot are always about new beginnings. The Ace of Earth indicates a new beginning in matters of time, money, health, or any and all of the aforementioned. Whoo-hoo! Are you ready? Are you ready and able to accept and embrace this new beginning that is on deck for you? If not, it's time to prepare yourself so that you are willing and able to receive the blessings that the universe is prepared to bestow on you. Open your arms as wide as you possibly can and declare to the universe "I am open to receive!" Declare to the universe "I am ready for my new beginning! I embrace my new beginning!" And say it like you mean it, because it's coming either way, so you might as well not delay it longer than necessary and get yourself ready to receive. The universe is actually always conspiring to help you with your manifestations and to make sure that you get everything your heart desires. The glitches and the hiccups come in when our energy isn't aligned with what the universe is trying to provide us. The universe is also always trying to make sure that the outcomes of the matters and situations we are dealing with are for the greatest and highest good of all (and sometimes it can be tricky for us as mere mortals not to see those parts). So decide what you want most in your heart. Be ready, willing, and able to receive it. And enjoy the hell out of your wonderful new beginning.

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