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Embrace Your Victorious Nature

Our Divine Download for August 29, 2022 is Triumphant/Guardian Angel from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards. This is a card of victory. You will be triumphant. Your desires will manifest. Yes, it really is that simple. Yes, it really is that absolute. Will you embrace the resolute energy behind this message? Will you allow yourself to claim it? You Guardian Angels are taking care of the pesky details to remove them and any obstacles from your path. So don't worry about the appearance of challenges. Challenges are merely an illusion which will soon disappear. But, if you worry about them excessively, or worse yet, lapse into fear over them, you'll fuel them with power and energy making them more difficult than they are. This is an especially important time for you to keep the faith and keep in near constant contact with God and your Angels. This becomes challenging because when we're under stress, we often forget to pray and forget to ask for Heaven's help and this is subsequently when we feel the most disconnected, despite these being the times when it is most necessary and essential for us to lean into our connection and our faith. It's our angels' pleasure to help us as we navigate along our smooth path - they would prefer to help us FAR more than we let them! Your life is becoming more stable with a quieter form of excitement and the drama of obstacles is now a thing of the past. Enjoy your victory. You ARE triumphant!

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