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Exercise Your Throat Chakra Through Truth

Our Divine Download for December 1, 2023 is Speak Up and Tell the Truth from the Cherub Angel Cards for Children. It is time to exercise your throat chakra. You know all of that stuff that you've swallowed and not said, well guess what? It's about time to let some of it come up and out of your mouth. If you have been experiencing any type of gastrointestinal distress, and this can include food allergies and intolerances (especially those which are new onset or of increased severity) it could be it is because you cannot stomach the words that you have been choking down, whether it is things that you need to put to voice, or harsh words of others. And staying silent is not serving you. Hint: it never does! There is something to be said about thinking before we speak, and not speaking in a reactionary manner, but it is so very important for us to speak up right now. Especially about those things that are on our heart and taking up unnecessary brain space, those things that are important to us. Those things that are in fact our truths. We project and we worry that we will be judged harshly by others or not accepted for speaking our truth, and in our ego-based worry state we become paralyzed and end up not speaking at all. Our truth is the core of who we are and it makes us stronger than all of that ego based nonsense. So call on Archangel Gabriel to help facilitate communication and Archangel to help bolster your courage and let those words flow baby!

When we have been in the habit or pattern of staying silent for a long time, for whatever reason, it can be challenging to start exercising our throat chakras again. An Integrative Reiki Session can clear and balance all of our chakras which will make it much easier to speak our truths. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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