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Expect Better if Not the Best!

Our Divine Download for August 6, 2021 is The Angel of Expectation from the Angel Meditations Cards. Our Angel of Expectation brings us the message "I am always expecting the best of myself." Hmmmm. Are you? Really? Truly? And if you do actually always expect the best of yourself, do you also expect the best FOR yourself? Expectations kind of get a bum rap because we always hear about unrealistic expectations and the alleged dangers of having said unrealistic expectations. BUT, if we create our own reality (and we absolutely do!), then how on Earth could expecting the best of and for ourselves be unrealistic?! It only becomes realistic when we start expecting things from and of other people. We live in such a Debbie Downer focused world conditioning us to expect the worst, and worse yet, to *fear* the worst. Well, when that's what you're expecting, especially when you're cycling through or stuck in fear based energy, that's absolutely what's most likely to happen. It's not easy to re-condition yourself and not to buy into the fear based mindset that the media is so hell bent on selling us, but it absolutely can be done. Step one is to be mindful of exactly what your expectations are, and why they are. If you're basing your expectations on past experiences, you're doing it wrong. Because the past is in the past and it is only to be repeated when you refuse to acknowledge it and learn from it. But, when you're focused on that as the only possible outcome, how can the Universe deliver you something (anything!) different? If you have experienced patterns of past disappointments or perceived failures, it may not be realistic to expect complete success and elation. BUT, it is possible to expect something even *slightly* better than what you've experienced before. When you continue to level up your expectations for and of yourself with slightly betters, you eventually reach amazing heights and manifest your wildest dreams! The Angel of Expectations is here to make sure that's exactly both your expectation and your reality. Enjoy!

Sometimes past experiences can feel as though it is nearly impossible for us to have future, or even current successes. When you feel particularly stuck or challenged by your past, it may be time to consider an Energetic Cord Cutting to free yourself from negative associations and patterns of the past. Book Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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