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Fairness and Peace are Upon You

Our Divine Download for May 26, 2022 is Maat/Fairness from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards with the message "This situation will be handled in a fair and just manner." It hasn't been so many day since we last saw Maat, the Egyptian goddess of integrity, fairness, and justice, who holds a scale that measure souls against a feather at the time of death to detect any heaviness from guilt. Maat protects us is business and personal relationships, ensuring that we're treated fairly and honorably. Consider calling on Maat before signing any contract, during a dispute, or whenever you feel guilty or remorseful about anything at all. Maat says "Let me suggest another definition for fairness: it's when all partied involved surrender their personal agendas in favor of the greater good for the entirety of the group. This requires trust in the wisdom of the whole." When you can surrender your attachment to a specific outcome and instead direct your will toward resolution of the argument or dispute, however that needs to look, you amplify the power of potential resolution. Commit to and hold a firm vision of a peaceful outcome, and let the pieces fall into place in a harmonious manner. This brings you greater peace because you do not have to feel responsible for solving the problem yourself or figuring out the way in which everything will be resolved, and in reality, the universe is much better at that than we are anyways. #facts Do your part to release yourself from the prison of guilt and shame which attract the lower energies of punishment and attack. Try to be mindful of everyone's needs during times of negotiations. And rest easy with the certainty that you are entering into a period of your life when you will be treated much more fairly and greater peace is possible for you now.

Sometimes when we have been treated unfairly in the past we can personalize and take on the energies of that unfair treatment and it lands in our energetic system causing imbalance and dis-ease. Make sure that your chakras are cleared of any of these past energies and therefore open to the energies of fairness, resolution, and peace with a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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