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Feel Your Way to Strong

Our Divine Download for December 16, 2020 is Three of Winter from the Fairy Tarot Cards. This would be the Three of Swords, Air, or Archangel Michael in other tarot interpretations. Air is always a cerebral energy, and not unlike the Ace of Air, the Three of Air kind of calls us out on the overthinking or our emotions rather than taking the time and giving ourselves the grace of space to allow ourselves to feel our way through them. The Three of Air insists that we take and make that time. We often tend to avoid taking and making the time to allow ourselves to feel our way through our emotions because we think them into being bigger and scary and more overwhelming than they actually are. And, as we know from the law of attraction when we think this way, we are powerful enough to think things into being. However, usually when we take the time and space to allow ourselves to feel our emotions in the present moment, they are not ever nearly as big or bad or bold as we think they're going to be. Even when we've been actively putting off feeling our feelings (sometimes for LONG periods of time), and we *finally* get around to taking the time and making the space to experience them, usually what happens is we set aside much more time than we actually need because it doesn't take nearly as long as we thought that it would. We also have a habit of thinking ourselves into catastophizing our feelings, and this is something that our egos simply love to do. Our ego tells us that it isn't safe for us to feel our feelings based on things that may have happened to us during our lifetimes, or things that may have happened to our ancestors. So because of that perceived lack of safety and naturally avoidant behavior, we tend to think "if I am sad right now, I will be sad forever." And that's just not true! This too shall pass. Fact. Good or bad, whatever "this" is, it will pass, it will change. That is the nature of the Universe. It is necessary for us to face all of our past emotions, especially those that aren't so neat and tidy and convenient, in order for growth and healing to take place. But, despite what our ego likes to tells us, we do not have to do this alone. It is so helpful to reach out to loved ones and trusted friends to allow them to support and encourage us as we embark on this time of emotional processing and integration. There is great strength in healing. There is greater strength still in emotional healing. You are SO strong.

When we don't make and take the time to allow ourselves to feel our uncomfortable or challenging emotions as the occur, they often end up stuffed down into our chakra system where they can cause blocks and dis-ease. Clear and Balance your chakras with a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading to make room for strength and growth. Book your Session!


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