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Fight For Your Dreams with Your Heart Light

Our Divine Download for April 25, 2022 is Warrior Woman from the Earthcraft Oracle Cards. If you are feeling discouraged or doubtful, know that you already have all the courage, motivation, willpower, and creativity you need, but you must practice *owning* your own power and fighting for your passions. Don't give up on your dreams and don't give up on yourself just yet. You are being guided to dig in deeper, and channel your focus, energy, and resources into fighting for your dreams. You will win in the end, but do not expect overnight success. Dreams worth having and things worth doing rarely happen instantly. Allow yourself the time, patience, and dedication to reach your goal knowing that the rewards of doing so will far outweigh the effort. If you are not feeling strong and warrior like right at this moment, it's okay. Warrior woman was not born into greatness, but she worked hard, practiced, and constantly refined her skills to become the strong celebrated fighter that she is now, and she has the scars to prove it. On the battlefield, warriors fight until the end because they fight for what they believe in with their hearts burning bright with conviction. Don't confuse hatred and anger for passion because although they burn brightly too, they burn out fast or consume you entirely. The pure light of your heart is an eternal flame when fueled by truth and justice. As long as your goal and your dreams reside in your heart, you are on the path towards glory because you too are a warrior woman.

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