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Find Your Vibe Tribe

Our Divine Download for September 7, 2023 is Unity/Hibiscus from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. It is time to take an inventory of who you spend the most time around and to really assess if those people are helping you to feel connected and united to yourself, your divine right purpose, and the universe at large. Are they enhancing your energy or are they draining it? If they are not helping you to feel connected, or worse yet, draining your energy, it isn't a sign that you need to cut these people out of your life completely, but it is a sign that you need to make a different choice as to how you invest your energy. Unity and connection should be the natural return on investment with your energetic investment in people. Sometimes we feel disconnected because we have outgrown people and we don't talk much about how very painful that can be or what to do when that happens. Sometimes we just grow in different ways and different directions that cause us to develop different interests and we have to seek out and find our fellow band of misfit weirdos who will share our new interests. We also don't talk about how seriously challenging it can be to make new friends, or even acquaintances as we get older (much less how to maintain those friendships). It isn't always easy, but it is so worth it because the reward when you choose to spend time with people who truly get you, who truly understand you, who share your interests, and with whom you feel a soul connection is simply unmatched. There truly is no greater feeling in the world that finding your people. And don't despair if you haven't found them yet. Or even if you haven't found all of them yet. If you set the intention that you will, the universe will match your vibration and help to bring you together. And so it is!

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