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Flow In Empowered Vulnerability

Our Divine Download for February 3, 2023 is Mabi Wata/Naked from the African Goddess Rising Oracle. We can see clearly that this goddess is *all* about water and water is *all* about emotion as our emotions are meant to flow through us and support our growth and sustain us, just like the water of which we are mostly made. It's time to get naked with out emotions. Yup. It's time to put it all out there. To really own how we feel. And to honor that it doesn't matter how we feel the way that we feel. But to be in our feelings, to honor them, to express them, ALL of them, without filter or apology. Our feelings, just like their water element kin sustain us and allow us to grow, and in a similar way we are the sum total of all of our emotions, past, present, and future. So why not be really, really real and really, really raw and really, really transparent about the truth of who and what we are? Being emotionally naked means being vulnerable enough for the real you to shine through. Vulnerability is strength not the weakness we perceive it to be. Practice being transparent. Have the courage to express your feelings without people pleasing (because your emotions are about you and not them!) Speak your truth. Share your story. Cultivate an appreciation for the vulnerability in others. Become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and making others uncomfortable. Hide no more. The emotional nakedness that you have been avoiding is your superpower, not your shame. Your Goddess Declaration is "I have the courage to be vulnerable." And so it is!

Our Angels know just how challenging it is for us to be emotionally vulnerable with ourselves, much less the people in our lives and they will guide, encourage, and support us in being so during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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