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Flow Into And Through Contemplation

Our Divine Download for June 18, 2023 is Contemplation from the Message From the Fairies Oracle. Now is not a time for action pertaining to a certain situation in your life. It is the time to contemplate. You'll notice that I did not say it's a time to think. True contemplation involves the balanced usage of your intuition with your thinking cerebral mind. It's not a one and done, spur of the moment type of activity. It's something that usually takes some time and it should. This isn't to say that we need to sink into contemplation with every situation in our lives. But there is a certain situation, or maybe certain situations which require more time to formulate the appropriate action plan to really know and understand how to best move forward down our path towards joy. Contemplation doesn't have to be hard or heavy and when done right, it isn't. We can flow through the contemplative process easiest and best when we are doing so from an intuitive perspective (funny, didn't we JUST hear something about that yesterday?!). We tend to dread or deny ourselves contemplative time, looking at it as a curse rather than the blessing that it truly is and can be, because we put artificial time frames on the confines of our contemplative time and our situations. ENJOY your contemplative time. Savor it. Flow right on through it. It's a beautiful thing.

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