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Flow Into and With Your Personal Peace

Our Divine Download for July 13, 2023 is Soothe/River with the message "Am I receiving peace?" from the Prairie Magic Oracle Cards. Are you willing to receive peace? Are you open to receiving peace? Do you know what it means to you to receive peace? All very important questions inspired by River's desire to soothe us. Peace means different things to different people and this is a clear message for us that it is long past time for us to promote some peace in our own lives. Sometimes this may mean that we need to cultivate it, and therefore receive it for ourselves. It can be challenging to even know what peace is for us, how it looks, how it feels, or what it means for us when we haven't felt peaceful in a very long time. Peace will also look differently at different stages in our lives. River reminds us that in order to receive peace, in order to experience peace in our lives, we have to learn to go with the flow. Sometimes River flows so slowly that you barely realize that she is moving. Sometimes River has tumultuous rapids. But that doesn't mean that those rapids go against River's natural flow, or that we cannot be soothed in their midst, or even by their existence. We need to take a page out of River's playbook and learn to figure out what peace looks like and what is soothing even when we are in those rushing rapids-like times of transition or turmoil. And we also need to be willing to receive peace. Sometimes we fight so long, so hard, and so often that we forget that peace is even an option. Picture your peace. Bring it into technicolor focus. Than do whatever you have to do in order to receive it. Because it's time. You are entering a more peaceful chapter of your life.

Our Angels understand that peace is not necessarily a natural state for most of us in our world and they will give us practical Spiritual Action Steps to allow us to receive our peace during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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