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Fly Free With Self Authority

Our Divine Download for July 1, 2021 is Dragonfly/Illusion reminding us "YOU KNOW who you really are" and Moose/Authority with the message "YOU KNOW what is best for you" from the Power Animals Oracle Cards. So there's a lot that we know on these cards lol! But, in all seriousness, Dragonfly and Moose show up to make sure that we are tuned in to our own truth and that we are not allowing anyone or anything else to tell us who or what we are, or what we need. Because we have such a clarity and a certainty right now about exactly who we really are, we also need to meet that clarity and that certainty with the authority to make the best and most appropriate choices for ourselves without the input of other sources. Sometimes we forget. We forget who we truly are. We forget that nature of our innate power and wisdom that Raven showed up to remind us of just a few short days ago. We forget that we know, and have always known what is best for us and exactly what it is that we need at any given time. It's hard not to forget when we are bombarded by messages that tell us to allow others to have authority over us, and suggest that others know better than we know. There is no greater authority over you than you. Fact. There never will be because there never can be. We see "experts" in various fields, and we see them to obtain their opinions. But their opinions may or may not jive and mesh with where we are and what we need right now, and that's okay. Most experts are practicing in their fields anyway! The best types of experts do not attempt to hold or have any authority over us, but rather respect us enough to seek our input and to partner with us utilizing their background knowledge. You know you. Fact. You know you best and better than anyone else ever can or ever will. You know the truth of who you really are. So fly with the full knowledge and power of the truth of who and what and all that you are. Fly with your wings outstretched with the powerful embrace of your own inner authority. Allow the knowledge of your truth to lift you up and allow you to take flight.

Sometimes we tend to forget who we are and give more of our power away when we have been through dark or challenging periods in our lives, which most of us have over the past year or so to some extent. Our Angels are happy to remind us of any of these things we may have forgotten, and provide us action steps to ensure that we continue to actively remember our truth during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Yours Today: Book Your Angel Card Reading Here!


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